8 Weird Foods From Around the World

A lot of people are fairly adventurous in food. You do not have to look far than the globetrotters in your circle to find someone who must have tried quite a number of dishes you have only read about. But how many people do you actually know who can claim to have tasted probably some of the most bizarre foods in the world? Whether you are thinking of giving unusual or exotic foods a try in your future travels, here are some of the weirdest ones you can find from around the world.

Airag (Mongolia)
What is it: Airag or kumis is fermented mare’s milk traditionally made in Mongolia. It is an alcoholic drink similar to beer served cold in a cup.

Balut (Philippines)
What is it: Balut is boiled fertilized duck egg typically eaten straight out from the shell. It has a tasty soup-like liquid inside, the yolk, the hard white part of the egg, and the developing embryo.

Beondegi (Korea)
What is it: Beondegi are silkworm larvae cooked by boiling or steaming usually served or eaten as snack. There are many street stalls in South Korea that sell this unusual treat.

Casu marzu (Italy)
Casu marzu
What is it: Casu marzu literally means rotten cheese. It is made from a type of cheese called Pecorino. Cheese flies’ larvae are put into the Pecorino. It can be eaten with or without the maggots.

Century egg (China)
Century egg
What is it: Century eggs may not be hundreds of years old. But they are basically as “old” or rotten. It is made by putting eggs in a mixture of ash, clay, and salt for several months. The end products are eggs with dark green color that have a distinct smell.

Escamoles (Mexico)
What is it: Would you eat the larvae of ants – not just ordinary ants but venomous ones? Escamoles are larvae harvested from the roots of agave plants in Mexico. These edible larvae are said to taste like cheese.

Fried tarantula (Cambodia)
Fried tarantula
What is it: As the name suggests, this delicacy in Cambodia is often eaten as snack. Deep-fried spiders or tarantulas are often seen being sold by hawkers or street food vendors.

Fugu (Japan)
What is it: There should be nothing unusual about eating raw fish in a country known for being the home of delicious sushi and sashimi. But as a potentially deadly fish to eat, fugu earns its spot in this weird food list. Fugu is not something that you can just eat at random. You have to make sure that you go for food establishments with experienced chefs who know how to prepare the dish correctly.

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