8 Weird Foods From Around the World


A lot of people are fairly adventurous in food. You do not have to look far than the globetrotters in your circle to find someone who must have tried quite a number of dishes you have only read about. But how many people do you actually know who can claim to have tasted probably some of the most bizarre foods in the world? Whether you are thinking of giving unusual or exotic foods a try in your future travels, here are some of the weirdest ones you can find from around the world.

Airag (Mongolia)
What is it: Airag or kumis is fermented mare’s milk traditionally made in Mongolia. It is an alcoholic drink similar to beer served cold in a cup.

Balut (Philippines)
What is it: Balut is boiled fertilized duck egg typically eaten straight out from the shell. It has a tasty soup-like liquid inside, the yolk, the hard white part of the egg, and the developing embryo.

Beondegi (Korea)
What is it: Beondegi are silkworm larvae cooked by boiling or steaming usually served or eaten as snack. There are many street stalls in South Korea that sell this unusual treat.

Casu marzu (Italy)
Casu marzu
What is it: Casu marzu literally means rotten cheese. It is made from a type of cheese called Pecorino. Cheese flies’ larvae are put into the Pecorino. It can be eaten with or without the maggots.

Century egg (China)
Century egg
What is it: Century eggs may not be hundreds of years old. But they are basically as “old” or rotten. It is made by putting eggs in a mixture of ash, clay, and salt for several months. The end products are eggs with dark green color that have a distinct smell.

Escamoles (Mexico)
What is it: Would you eat the larvae of ants – not just ordinary ants but venomous ones? Escamoles are larvae harvested from the roots of agave plants in Mexico. These edible larvae are said to taste like cheese.

Fried tarantula (Cambodia)
Fried tarantula
What is it: As the name suggests, this delicacy in Cambodia is often eaten as snack. Deep-fried spiders or tarantulas are often seen being sold by hawkers or street food vendors.

Fugu (Japan)
What is it: There should be nothing unusual about eating raw fish in a country known for being the home of delicious sushi and sashimi. But as a potentially deadly fish to eat, fugu earns its spot in this weird food list. Fugu is not something that you can just eat at random. You have to make sure that you go for food establishments with experienced chefs who know how to prepare the dish correctly.

The Wonderful World of Welding


Welding is one of the most popular careers in the construction industry. There are millions of welders over the globe working in various sectors as well such as engineering, robotics, project management, education, and even sales. Welding is a wonderful profession that makes a lot of things possible. Welding is an art and an efficient welding process.

Welding as an art

welding-artArt enables one to be creative with the help of techniques, and welders are artists in their own ways. Being a welder means one also has to learn and master different methods to create and fabricate.

Welding opens doors to creativity and resourcefulness, allowing the welder to work with an open mind. Welding may seem like it’s only a matter of procedure, skills, and techniques, but creativity is still incorporated.

Welders also have a broad imagination that enables them to think of other ways to produce welds like never before.

The profession is an art that improves a person’s potential so that he/she can evolve.

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Welding as an efficient joining process

The world of welding isn’t just wonderful because the process itself is a form of art. Well, actually, it’s a combination of science and art. Welding is also an efficient joining process, and this has been proven to be true for many years.

Welding can join almost all alloys and metals, a lot of thermoplastic polymers, most glasses, and a few ceramics with or without additional filler.


Welding has a lot of its upsides as follows:

  • Some welding processes can be performed automatically, semi-automatically, and manually giving more options for the welder
  • There are portable processes that enable implementation in the field for maintenance and repair of large structures on site or the construction of such structures
  • Welding is excellent at fabricating pressure vessels because continuous welds can supply fluid tightness
  • Welding can be performed in various hazardous environments (for instance, underwater, in outer space, or in areas of radiation) using robots

And that’s not all. The good news is each welding process has its own benefits as well. For instance, these are the advantages of arc welding:


  • Portability – These materials are so comfortable to transport from one place to another
  • Shielding gas isn’t required – Arc welding processes can be accomplished during rain or wind and spatter won’t be a significant issue
  • Cost – The equipment needed for arc welding is affordable and reasonably priced. Plus, the process often demands less material in the first place thanks to the lack of gas
  • Versatility – It can work on dirty metal (still, it’s recommended that the metal be cleaned before welding for safety purposes)

So you see, welding is such a vast world that offers a lot of possibilities and wonderful things. It’s one of the things that we should be grateful for. Stay in awe of welding!

Why PUBG Trading Bots Are Wonderful

pubg skins

In this article, you’ll be able to discover the value and wonder of trading bots in the famous game Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds.

With a trading bot, you can swap your PUBG cosmetic skins quickly, safely, and efficiently! Conquer the game in style by getting the best value for your skins and items without the need to pay huge exchange fees.

PUBG trading bots enable you to trade the items you no longer need or want for something rarer and more impressive. They’re the best way to level up your inventory!pubg outfits

PUBG Skin Trading

Players of Battlegrounds love collecting cosmetic skins that allow them to play the game with a different look and with varying weapons. The act of skin trading has become a significant part of the game since the thrill of not knowing what you’ll get is almost as exciting as playing the game.

How They Work

pubg skins

Skin trading works in two ways: they can be done through trading bot sides, or players can reach an agreement.

The first one is the most popular method of exchanging PUBG skins. The sites make use of trading bots to swap skins between the website and the player.

Players also have the option to list their offers and trades in other sites where they can find another person who’s willing to conduct a safe trade with them without needing a third-party website.

The Wonder of a PUBG Trading Bot


You might be pretty skeptical about using a bot if you’re a first-timer, but I’m telling you, YOU SHOULDN’T.

Using a trading bot site is the most efficient, fastest, most comfortable, and safest way to trade your PUBG skins. Sure, sites have a two to five percent commission on all trades, but it’s absolutely worth it. A trading bot can send new skins to your inventory in a blink of an eye after a trade. That’s how fast and easy it is!

How to Use a Trading Bot

  1. Visit a fully working trading bot.
  2. Log in to the site you’ve chosen by entering your Steam Account. Don’t worry; you’ll only be sharing your public steam info.
  3. Set up your trade URL or link.
  4. Choose the PUBG skins you wish to swap from your inventory.
  5. Check the bot’s inventory and pick the items you’re attracted to.
  6. Click the TRADE button to begin with the exchange.
  7. Let the site process your request for a trade. You have to wait around five to 30 seconds.
  8. Receive the steam trade offer from the site.
  9. Confirm the swap thru Steam.
  10. The trade is now complete! You can go back to the first step if you want!

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Beauty In Every Strange Thing


As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This especially goes for strange things or just about anything in this world that you might find unusual.

You might be asking right now: How is that even possible?

Strange is strange and beauty is beauty. How can something strange become something beautiful?

Well, first things first…

Strange things are mostly created with unknown origins.

Take for example, one of the world’s popular UNESCO heritage sites: the Stonehenge, which is located in the United Kingdom. While there are lots of theories as to who created it and when that person created it, no one really knows its exact origin. All people know about the Stonehenge is that it’s a great source of knowledge when it comes to archaeology, as well as a great source of knowledge when it comes to astronomy.

Strange things are mostly created with unclear purposes.

Take another example, another one of the world’s popular UNESCO heritage items: the Rosetta Stone, which is also located in the United Kingdom. While there are also lots of theories as to who created it and why that person created it, no one really knows its exact purpose. All people know about the Rosetta Stone is that it’s been there since before the 18th century period, as well as since before the Ancient Egyptian period.

The most common trait of those mentioned above? Beauty.

And we’re not just talking about a weird kind of beauty here, ones that only strange things can give off – we’re talking about a magnificent kind of beauty here, ones that only protected heritages can give off.

Now, what’s that Norwegian word for beautiful again?

Because indeed, something strange is truly something beautiful.

Do you agree with this blog post? Why or why not?

Share your thoughts with us below!

What Makes Unique Things Awesome


Ever saw things being raved at for no apparent reason? Ever saw places being talked about for no seeming reason? Ever saw people being admired at for no obvious reason?

That’s because of one single thing: uniqueness.

Each thing in this world is unique in its own way. Each place in the world is unique in its own way. Each person in the world is unique in its own way.

And just like how you are unique in your own way, each of those mentioned above have their own purpose to be fulfilled. Their uniqueness is their number one trait – the kind of trait that will make them stand out from all the others, the kind of trait that will make them soar higher than all the others.

The only problem? Uniqueness is only seen by those who are willing to see it. Uniqueness is only believed by those who are willing to believe it. Sure, it’s a little sad how most of us don’t seem to care about what’s right in front of us. However, let’s not forget the fact that it’s an important part of life: learning how to appreciate things even more, learning how to appreciate places even more, learning how to appreciate people even more – all by seeing past their flaws and focusing on what makes them unique, just like seeing a noon light in a different perspective.

Even more so, it’s about appreciating what makes unique things awesome – in ways that no one ever thought possible. It’s also about appreciating what makes unique things even more awesome as time goes by – in ways that only few have ever thought possible.

How about you?

How do you see things in general? How do you see places in general? How do you see people in general?

Do you see what makes them unique? Do you believe about them being unique?

If yes, have you learned to appreciate them even more?

7 Unusual Places to Visit around the World

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

If there is one thing, among the many, that the internet has made possible, it gives people a chance to discover more places and things in the world. And it may even inspire a desire to travel in destinations that are home to some of the most unique and wonderful sights on Earth. Here are some unusual places you may want to visit if you are thinking of getting off the beaten tourist destinations and attractions.

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, USA
Goblin Valley State Park
Goblin Valley State Park features an unusual landscape. The area is teeming with sandstone formations many of which look like goblins and out of this world creatures. There are marked hiking trails such as the Goblin’s Lair trail that stretches for about 1.5 miles (one way). Trails vary from difficult to easy thus providing plenty of options for everyone.

Lake Hillier, Western Australia
Lake Hillier
Lake Hillier’s deep pink color makes it a beautiful oddity. Its unique color is attributed to several factors that include the water’s high saline concentration, the Dunaliella salina which are algae species that inhabit the lake, and the halobacteria or pink bacteria.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey
Pamukkale Thermal Pools
Pamukkale, also known as Cotton Castle or Cotton Palace, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the southwest of Turkey. Its unique terraces-like cascading natural hot spring pools provide a mesmerizing sight for locals and tourists who visit to see this natural wonder.

Plain of Jars, Laos
Plain of Jars
The Plain of Jars is not only an unusual but also a mysterious place to visit. No one seems to know the story surrounding the numerous megalithic stone jars found in the area. The jars lend a surreal quality to the view of the plain.

Red Beach, Panjin, China
Red Beach
The Red Beach is a wetlands that serve as a refuge for migratory birds. It transforms into a vibrant red color in autumn giving an otherworldly feel to the place. A designated area is open to visitors who can use a wooden walkway to explore leading to the sea.

Socotra Island, Yemen
Socotra Island
A visit to Socotra Island is like going to an alien world. The remote island boasts of a spectacular and one-of-a-kind biodiversity. It is home to strange looking trees like the dragon’s blood tree and unique plant species that may not be found in other places in the world.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Spotted Lake
Spotted Lake is a unique lake in that it reveals several mineral pools once the water evaporates during the summer months. The small pools vary in color making the place look even more surreal. The Okanagan people consider the Spotted Lake as a sacred place.